If you want to trade Forex, you need some sort of interface that connects you with your Forex broker. It’s simple as that. But you usually want to have a good interface you can work with. In the old days, you had to call your Forex broker to make a trade. This is ridicolous nowadays because there are several Forex platforms that work without even one phone call.
There are two options how a forex platform can look like: webtrader and download platform. With a webtrader you can start trading in your web browser without making a download at all. With a download forex platform you have to download and install a forex software and when everything is installed properly you can start trading. There are pros and cons for both methods so let’s take a look at them.

Forex webtrader
There are a couple of Forex broker that offer a webtrader. This means that you can trade directly in your browser and you don’t have to download a Forex platform. There are several advantages with a webtrader compared to a download platform. The most important advantage is that you can trade everywhere. You can login at the University or an Internet café and start trading. You don’t have to make a download and install a software. The only requirement is that the PC you want to use the webtrader must support Java. Because the most forex webtrader run with Java only.
But there are also downsides. There might be features that don’t work with the webtrader platform. These are especially some indicators for your technical analysis that don’t work. This is pretty likely because Java platforms are sometimes limited with technical support. Java can’t provide all the features there are.

And it can take a few minutes until the webtrader is loaded. This is especially annoying when you start the webtrader for the first time. It sometimes is even faster when you just download the software and install it.
Of course, you can save some disk space when you use a webtrader and don’t download the software.

Forex download platform
This is the classic Forex platform. You can download and install it. Then you have it on your desktop and you can start trading right away with one mouse click only. This is very simple of course and the big advantage of a download platform.

We always suggest that you should go with a download platform unless there are very good reasons why you should trade with a webtrader. For example you might want to trade at your office and it’s not allowed to install any software there. Then a Forex webtrader is the right option for you.
Another advantage of a forex download platform is that you will have all the features and functions available that the software offers.

And the most popular trading platform, Metatrader is only available as a download version and not a webtrader. So if you’re familiar to Metatrader you have to go with a downloadable Forex software.

Instaforex ist one of the biggest forex broker available and is operating for more than 3 years now. Instaforex has a lot of experience in all segments of finance and won several awards within the last couple of years. The software is availble in over 20 languages – which is very unique. So we’re sure that there are a lot of good reasons to join Instaforex and download the Instaforex software. In this guide, we’ll show you how to download Instaforex:

Instaforex website

First of all you need to go to the Instaforex website. Simply click on this link! You will then see the following page:

Now it get’s a bit tricky because Instaforex hided the download link a bit. Here you can see where you have to click. You need to select “For Beginners” and “Trading Platform”:

Download Instatrader

Instaforex works with Metatrader 4 and 5. Metatrader is the worlds leading trading platform and you will see that it works out fine:

Just skip the text and scroll down. You will find a link “Start trading now! Download Instatrader!”. Click on it.

Select the right version

You can now seen an overview over the trading platforms Instaforex offers. You can also download mobile trading terminals here. But what you need for your PC is Metatrader 4 or 5. You can either download the .zip or .exe version. We recommend downloading the Metatrader 4 -exe file and if you prefer a newer Metatrader version, you can download Metatrader 5 of course.

Now click on the terminal you want to download. A popup will appear that asks you if the Instaforex software should be installed or not.

Installing Metatrader for Instaforex

If you’re using Windows Vista or Windows 7 the system will ask you if it’s allowed to install the Instaforex software. Just click yes to proceed. Then you need to select the proper language:

And after clicking “next” for several times you have to accept the license agreement:

Just don’t forget to accept it, click next and the software will install. There’s nothing more to say, it’s all very straightforward and intuitive. The biggest challenge with the Instaforex download is to find the proper link to do so ;)

Instaforex download FAQ

Is there a Instaforex webtrader?

Unfortunately, there’s not Instaforex webtrader yet. We’re sure that Instaforex will offer one in the near future but right now you need to download Instatrader if you want to trade at Instaforex.

Can I trade at Instaforex with a Mac?

Yes, but it’s not as easy as you think. Unfortunately, there’s no official Mac version of Instatrader. You need to be a bit creative and work with programs like “VirtualPC” for Mac to get the job done. However, this is something you should consider when you want to trade Forex seriously. Mac is not the best system for Forex trading, I’m afraid.

What are the trading servers IPs for Instatrader?

InstaForex-USA.com (choose in the list of servers, or type in InstaTrader settings – InstaForex-USA.com:443).

Singapore: (or choose in the list of servers in InstaTrader – InstaForex-Singapore.com).

Cent accounts:
InstaForex-Cent.com or

InstaForex-EUROPE.com or

Demo Accounts: (or choose in the list of servers in InstaTrader – InstaForex-Demo.com).
InstaForex-Contest.com or (for trading accounts which numbers are 80XXXXX)

The CFD Service Provider Plus500 is online since 2008 and offers a great variety for online trading. It’s not only currencies you can trade at Plus500 but also commodities, Indices and more, based on Contracts for Difference (CFD). Plus500 is authorized and regulated by the British Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and also offers a great “web trader” – an online trader that doesn’t need any software to be downloaded. But for those who prefer a downloadable Forex platform we will explain how to download Plus500:

Plus500 website

First of all you have to visit the Plus500 website. Just click on this link!
What you can see is the following:

Now you have to find the download button. It is in the middle of the page and a blue button called “Start Trading Now!”. Here’s a screenshot of this buton you have to click:

Plus500 Download

Now a popup will appear and asks you if you want to install the Plus500 setup file. Just click yes and follow the steps. You will also be forwarded to an extensive download description page where Plus500 explains all the steps you need to undertake to install the software. So we will just stop here and don’t explain what can already be found at the Plus500 website.

Plus500 Download FAQs

Does Plus500 offer a web trader?

Yes, Plus500 offers a client that you don’t have to install. This is called “Plus500 web trader” and you can find it very easily. Click here to go to the Plus500 website and look for the following link “No Download – Web Trader”:

When you click on this link, a new site will popup and you can start trading in your browser. Without any download. This has several advantages and the biggest advantage is that you don’t have to install another software and will save some space.

Check out Plus500 now and get your 25 EUR / 30 USD welcome bonus (no deposit required)!

Forexyard is yet another great forex broker that focuses on novice traders. When you go to the Forexyard website you already have the impression that it’s well designed and that Forexyard keeps it as simple as possible. So rather than packing a lot of information at the site, Forexyard keeps it easy and only shows the very necessary details. In this guide we will show you how to download the Forexyard software:

Forexyard website

To download the forex platform, you have to visit the Forexyard website by clicking on this link! The Forexyard website looks as follows:

Forexyard does a great job when it comes to usability. So it’s not that tough to find the link to download the Forexyard software:

Click on “Download Trading Software” to proceed.

Forexyard trading software download

Once you clicked on “Download Trading Software”, the following page will appear:

Now you have to choose the right version. You can also select the so called “Java trading station”. This is nothing else than Forexyards web trader. Feel free to click on it if you dont want to download Forexyard but trade directly in your browser. But if you’re looking for the downloadable platform, click on the right image “Download a trading station for Windows” or the link below. There you can also find 7. points that explain how the download works. So Forexyard does a great job to show you how to succesfully start trading.

Forexyard setup

After clicking on one of the download links, a popup appears. You have to select to save this file on your disk. After a few steps you have to select the directory where Forexyard should be installed. The default setting is on your C: disk which is not ideal. You should install it at least under C:/Programs/ or other directories.

After clicking a few times on “Next” – which is fairly easy – the setup will be completed and the Forexyard software is ready to go:

Forexyard Download FAQs

Is it possible to trade without a download at Forexyard?

Yes, the Forexyard “Java trading station” makes it possible. This is a simple webtrader that works with Java. So you only need to get sure that you have Java on your computer. It’s highly likely that you already have it installed so you simply need to go to the Forexyard website select “Forex Trading” (the first menu tab) and select “Download Trading Software”. Then you can find links to the Java trading station.

Does Forexyard also support Mac?

Forex brokers and Mac computers is always a bit complicated. Most of them don’t support Macs and Forexyard makes no exception. It’s only possible to use an Emulator or similar software. Or of course you use the Java trading station which also works for Mac computers.

Is it possible to use Metatrader at Forexyard?

Yes, Forexyard now supports also Metatrader 4 – world’s most popular trading software.

Finexo is online since 2004 and has a lot of experience in the Forex trading business. Finexo offers both a Metatrader platform and a non downloadable web trader. In this guide we will show you how to use either of those:

Finexo website

First of all, you need to visit the Finexo website. Simply click on this link to do so! Here’s a screenshot of the Finexo website:

The download link is not hidden although you have to decide whether you prefer the Finexo web trader where you don’t have to download any software or Metatrader 4 to trade with Finexo. Below you will find a short description how to launch the Finexo webtrader. Here, we focus on the download and setup of Metatrader 4. Just click on the link we marked in this screenshot:

Finexo Metatrader 4 download

Once you click on the above described link, a popup will open and ask you where to save the Metatrader.exe file. Finexo also does a great job in instructing the trader on how to install the software properly. You will be directed to this instruction when you click “Platforms” and “Metatrader download” (as described above):

Alternative: Finexo webtrader

If you don’t want to trade with Metatrader 4, then you have an alternative at Finexo. You can also choose their webtrader version where you can find access to here:

Just click on the image we marked in red colour and a popup will open to bring you to the Finexo webtrader.

Finexo download FAQ

How can I trade with Mac at Finexo?

Unfortunately, Metatrader 4 does not support Mac computers. But the good news is that you can still use the Finexo webtrader. So you can’t download a Finexo platform with a Mac PC and therefore you need to use the Finexo webtrader in order to trade with your Mac at Finexo.

Easy-Forex is one of the best Forex broker out there and works with the popular Metatrader platform. Easy-Forex also supports a webtrader and is the only Forex broker with a guest demo account. This offers you the great opportunity to start trading without even registering. At least for 60 minutes. After that you should open an account at Easy-Forex and download their Metatrader 4 trading platform.

First of all you should visit the Easy-Forex website. Click on this link to do so.

This is how it looks like:

Now you have to click on Trading platforms and MT4 and will see the following page:

Click on the Download now button to start the Metatrader 4 Download.
Now the standard installation procedure starts and you only have to click one next after another. There’s nothing you can do wrong here. You don’t even have to restart before you can launch Metatrader 4 for the first time. And this is how it looks like:

Click here to download the Easy-Forex software right now!

The Easy-Forex webtrader

If you don’t want to download Metatrader 4 for Easy-Forex and just want to trade a bit in your browser, the Easy-Forex webtrader will do the trick. Simply go to the Easy-Forex website and choose “Trading Platform” and “Web Trading”.

This guide shows you how to download and install the eToro software. eToro is without a doubt one of the biggest and most popular Forex broker. It is still pretty new but has proven to offer a great forex experience with a user friendly software, great promotions and a decent costumer support.

eToro website

First of all you need to go the the eToro website. Just click here! Here you can find a screenshot how the website should look like and you can also see the button you should click next: “Download”

Trader registration

After clicking on the download tab you will see the following page:

Here you have to fill in your presonal information before you can start trading. Simply choose a username (with between 6 and 16 characters) and a password. Pay attention, the etoro password is case sensitive. Below you need to fill in name, address, and also your trading experience. Please be honest. The guys from etoro only want to help you if you’re a novice.
Don’t forget to accept the terms and conditions and click on “Complete registration”

Registration complete

After successfully typing in your personal information you will see the following page:

There you can find a quick overview of your account details and also one important button: “Download Now!”. Click here to download the eToro software.

Downloading the software

After clicking on this download button, the eToro download will start immediately. You have to pay attention though: if you’re using Windows Vista or Windows 7 the system will ask you several times if you want to allow this software to install. Also if you’re using a firewall like Kaspersky, you need to verify that the software is trustworthy.

After completing these steps, the software will install:

Click on “Next”, then choose your language and click also on next to start the installation. This is really simple and if you already installed some software you will have no problems finishing the etoro installation succesfully.

Software start

Then, after a succesfull installation, the software will start automatically and you have to choose if you want to trade for real money or practice:

eToro Download FAQ

Does eToro also offer a webtrader?
Yes indeed! The eToro webtrader has a lot of advantages. The biggest advantage is that you don’t need to download and install the etoro software. Another advantage is that you can trade wherever you want. If you have access to other personal computers you can simple start the webtrader and you don’t have to download the etoro software everywhere you are. This is very useful if you use more than one PCs.
To start the webtrader, go to the etoro website and choose the menu tab “Platforms” and “Webtrader” in the sub menu. You will then find a quick guide on how to start the etoro webtrader:

Does eToro also offer mobile trading clients?

Yes, and this is a very interesting topic because a few years ago you had to have access to a computer or laptop when you wanted to trade. But now, you can simply choose one of the many eToro Apps for mobile phone devices. eToro supports Android, iPhone (also iPhone 4), iPad and BlackBerry devices. This is incredible. But we recommend trading with a practice account first because it’s a bit different than trading at your PC.

Is the eToro client safe?

Yes, eToro uses the latest SSL encryption technology to ensure that there won’t be any issues with trader funds.

I’m a Mac user – what can I do with eToro?

Unfortunately eToro does not offer a downloadable platform for Mac users. However, you can easily use the eToro Webtrader (see above). There’s no big difference between the downloadable version and the eToro webtrader. Only very few features are missing at the eToro webtrader.

Try out eToro now!

Ava FX is one of the biggest online FX brokers in the world. This award-winning broker offers fixed spreads, free advanced trading tools and a long list of currency pairs and precious metals for trading. Due to the leverage of 200:1, a low minimum deposit amount of just $100 and a wide range of options to deposit or withdraw money (major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club), Delta Visa Electron, JCB, Wire Transfer and all the major ewallet providers such as PayPal, Neteller, Moneybookers and Webmoney), this FX broker has become widely popular among FX traders.


Ava FX Website

First of all, just visit the website of Ava FX by clicking on this link here: www.avafx.com. The website will probably look as follows:

Click on the logo “Free Demo Account – Start Now”. If you are not an experienced FX trader, we recommend you to first open a free demo account. It will be always possible to switch to a real money account later. Of course, you can also open a real money account if you wish to, but this download guide will show you how to setup a free demo account on Ava Fx. The procedure when you open a real money account is very similar.

Next, you will have to enter your some personal details, such as name, country of residence and phone number. Please note that you can always ask the live support to assist you if you have any problems during the installation.

Opening a free practice account will give you access to a $100,000 account. With that money, you can trade and gain your first FX trading experiences without taking any risk.


Download Ava Java Trading Platform

As you can see, the registration only takes two minutes. After this, you will have access to the Ava Trader software and the Ava Java web trading software. For this guide, we will show you how you can download and install the Java application in order to trade in your browser such as the Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. This is a great advantage if you do not have administrator rights on your computer or if you want to be able to trade from any computer connected to the Internet worldwide.

Just click on the button marked with the red circle, and the download of the Ava Java trader will start. Depending on your Internet connection, this might take up to one minute.

The download installs the software automatically on your preferred web browser. After the download, you can login using your username and password you specified before.


Using Ava FX Java online Trading Software

That’s it. Within less than five minutes, you have registered at Ava FX and downloaded and installed the software on your PC. Your screen should now show the following software:


The amount of data you see might be overwhelming at first glance. But you will soon get used to it, as it is very easy. If you need help using it, just have a look at the user manual, which you can access by clicking on “help” or by pushing the button “F1”.


As you can see, the download and installation of the Ava FX is very easy. Try it out and make your first trades within five minutes from now: www.avafx.com.




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